Fashion is a term which means ‘an ongoing trend’. It refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated. Usually, the Fashion trend tends to change constantly because almost every designer is trying to create the next big thing and for that new trends and fashion styles are being invented, but most of the times we find out that these styles are recurrence of past designs which has been tweaked with some exceptional details or ideas.

It’s no news that Adire fashion is back to center stage and a whole lot of individuals from several tribes and races are beginning to embrace this Fashion Sensation because it has become the order of the day and frequently we’ve seen Top Fashion designers who inculcate the adire look into their designs and creations. 

 Severally we’ve heard or come across individuals who are clueless about Adire Fashion and are in need of some pointers on how to pair up their adire in other to attain that modernized look and at the same time has a blend of an urban vibe. 

We got you and have you covered on all the essential tips you would be needing in order to look glamorous.

  • Cold Countries: For those who are based in colder regions such as Canada, USA, but would still love to dazzle in Adire, you can wear your turtleneck underneath your adire gown (same way our lovely friend styled hers). Or you can wear your top made of Wool or silk fabric ( to help absorb the cold) and pair it with an adire skirt /pant, you can as well throw on a Jacket/coat afterward.  
  • Stilettos or Sneakers: Go for what makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful. Several people elegantly rock their adire in a fashionable manner either with a stiletto or sneakers. Beneath is the picture of how our Creative Director at Adire Lounge” Cynthia Asije” Rocked her Adire look. Simple yet Elegant…..

  • Creative Looks: Creativity they say doesn’t wait for the perfect moment, so rather than wearing a similar look every day, how about you take things up a notch and get creative with your look. Here’s how a client infused the Danfo print into a corporate look and we definitely love this look. 

  • Be Versatile: Adire fabrics are beautiful that’s a fact, but the designs can also be engraved on different clothing items such as Sweatshirts, Socks, Shoes, and bags. Adire Lounge is known for being creative and versatile. and in so doing, we create unconventional designs on all sorts of fabrics and clothing. Beneath are a few of these designs.

While looking graceful always remember to wear a smile, there’s nothing more beautiful than it.

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