Adire in the Corporate World

Clothes speak a lot about a person, and when it comes in a collective package of the country folks, then the African Fashion has a lot to flaunt about the culture and uniqueness of the continent.

Adire fashion is not only for the skinny girls/women but can also flatter the shapes of plus size women. They can bring out your feminism in unique ways draping in timeless pieces that are not just unique but also a perfect definition of the culture of the continent.

When you plan to dress up in formals, then you can always look up to an African pair of dress to give your best portrait at the office.
Let’s run through a quick guide on how to sneak Adire styles to your list of corporate & office fashion.

Every office has its own protocol, and thus there needs to be a certain dress code and pattern that you need to follow in office to be known as the ” Tip-top “ or “miss sophisticated.” Even if you do not have any specific dress code for your office, you can’t think of pairing a micro mini skirt with a small micro crop top for office.

So the very first thing that you need to take care of is to follow a formal an official ‘Miss/Mr Dress code for dressing up for your workplace. Dressing up in Adire as a lot many options that you can follow to adhere to the office dress code.

Mix and match fashion

Mix and match fashion is the current trend, though you may require wearing a business suit all day long in your office you can use an African jacket or an African shirt to pair with your business attire.

AdireLounge’s Danfo print shirt styled with a pair of pants and a jacket

You can also pair a dashiki top with tailored office pants for non-casual days or even pair the African Dashiki top with jeans for casual work days on Friday.

AdireLounge’s Green & Black Leaf Print Shirt

Dressing culture varies from uniforms to suits and overalls depending on the line of business. Some businesses simply require employees to be more formal than others. In the fashion industry, models need to keep up with the latest trends however, corporate professionals are not taken seriously unless the show up in formal suits. Perceptions on dressing differ and office environments need to take into consideration both the clients and fellow industry professionals. You will have to understand and appreciate the perception your company dress code may have on all of these people but generally, Adire would be a brilliant addition to the corporate world.

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