The face when someone asks ‘Is Adire still in vogue?’ Huh… Is that even supposed to be a question. Many people think Adire is an old or vintage fashion theme synonymous with old women and ‘iyas’ probably because it’s an old clothing that goes as far back into the 1930s from the ancient Oyo town.
Well, excuse you, who made the rules???
When it comes to fashion, your closet is to be as versatile as an actress! The Adire fashion has evolved beautifully over the years, with more amazing, quality styles and designs. It’s 2021 and the Adire is subtly sneaking up on other African fashion styles. From Owambes to hangouts, church, beach, even to offices, you can rock the Adire anywhere and however you want to, you call the shots with Adire.
The tiedye cotton fabric has this unique feel that stands you out and that is one of the many reasons the Adire fabric is gaining grounds globally featuring on international fashion runways and TV shows. In our previous post, we showed how Michelle Obama, Lupita Nyongo and many other cool people wear Adire. No be juju be that? Haahaha, absolutely not because Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga don’t wear Iro and Buba. Adire has evolved so much when it comes to creativity such that both the old and contemporary styles can be combined to give new and unique fashion statements.
Now, who says Adire is no longer in vogue when as a matter of fact, it’s just getting started. At the moment, the Adire material does not only comes in cotton as we have always known but also in silk and it can be made into just anything like we do here at Adire Lounge.


Mug with Adire prints on it from Adire Lounge


Few of the Adire scarves from Adire Lounge


Purple and White Notepad from Adire Lounge

Jerseys? T-Shirts? Kicks? Name it because here at Adire Lounge, Adire creativity is at its peak for us. Now, the best thing about this fabric is that it is very affordable despite how versatile it is. You can check it out here. You sure haven’t seen it all. Let’s show you more from Adire Lounge :
We also have handbags, bedspreads, pillow cases, tote bags and what have you that are made from the Adire clothing textiles.

Adire Lounge’s Tote Handbag

We have had fashion trends that have come and gone, but don’t they always resurface, talk about the ripped jeans, mum jeans, denim skirts, vintage shirts, and many others but the Adire fashion trend has since remained very much in vogue. That is to tell you it’s never about the trends, it’s about you and your style.
One can never run out of pattern designs as there are various methods useful in producing these beautiful patterns you see!

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