It’s a brave new world and these Gen Zs have some nerve when it comes to fashion.
Like they say, true fashion never goes out of style, Adire is one.
Fashion to some is a form of escapism, to some, it’s expression, while to some, they just want to slay.

Fashion is always a mirror of what is going on in society. And if we look at the trends, the gender & social behaviors right now, there’s a lot going on with a lot of color.
There could be so much difference between the haves and the have-nots in the future that it could create very extravagant fashion.
Adire Fashion in years from now might be entirely different to anything we can predict.
Did anyone see an Adire nose mask coming and staying? But no thanks to COVID-19 and other unpredictable events that may yet further influence society in ways we previously couldn’t have imagined. Masks being the new norm is something that no one would have been able to guess becoming a staple of peoples’ wardrobes worldwide.

As we move forward, society is starting to realise that the number of clothes may not be as important as the overall quality which is wear slow fashion and sustainability would come in. People are sick of being able to wear a shirt and feel like it is no longer valuable or interesting after the first wear, which the pandemic and technology will have a big say in also how trends will unfurl. COVID-19 could define a new definition of luxury as early as the next 50 years.

An AdireLounge’s face mask

The pandemic is changing consumers’ shopping behaviour, it may be everlasting as customers are choosing necessities over materialistic items. Fast-fashion marketing itself as being the most updated trend style at the time hence the reasoning to buy, people in the future may not be looking for that, in exchange for sustainable luxury clothing instead. Well-made, durable, inexpensive clothing that can get multiple uses out of without going out of style may top the charts as the most desirable items for shoppers to buy.

•More Handmade fashion like Adire yes? Quarantine has turned many people towards crafts, including hand-making their own clothing. A prediction for fashion in 100 years from now could be the increased hobby and production of handmade pieces inspired by the pandemics current effect on society.

In years, we can only imagine what fashion trends will be going on and what our clothing will look like. We know for a fact that technology will play a role in clothing but we won’t fully be able to depict how society will be until we get there with time. Trends will constantly be changing, technology will be growing, effects of the current pandemic may be here to stay but overall, we can guarantee the fashion industry will be making an unique, bold, tech-based impact with clothing.

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