The need to empower women especially the rural women who reside in underdeveloped communities is fundamental to the economic development in Nigeria. It is a known fact that women are nurturers and tend to expand whatever is left under their care.  Empowering women with the required set skills is vital for community development, it alleviates poverty from society and also enables the women to fend for themselves and support their families. Therein reducing the high rate of unemployment in the country



The Adire lounge empowerment initiative was established in 2017 as a social enterprise with a vision to promote indigenous textile prints in Nigeria by providing skills, inspiring creativity and creating awareness using women and youths in underserved communities, and since its inception, have trained over 80 women and youths on sustainable best practices of the Adire textile design in three communities in Lagos. Our objectives are driven along with these operating platforms: Awareness, arts and culture, eco-friendly sustainable practices, research, and entrepreneurship/employability.


On several occasions, we’ve gotten the question ‘why women’?

   Here’s our response to that.

Women empowerment is a medium to get the women to realize their worth and potential in the face of a male-dominated country/world.

Women empowerment helps them realize that they are equally competent and intelligent. 

Women’s empowerment helps to promote the overall development of society.

Women’s empowerment aids economic independence.

Women account for 70% of the world’s poor because of unequal economic opportunities (OECD, 2008). In this regard, valuing women’s work is instrumental in rescuing women from a life of poverty so they might contribute to the country’s economic growth.


On the 16th of March 2020, a new training-program kicked off which featured 23 trainees and this empowerment training was meant to run for a period of six (6) weeks, but it came to a halt due to the outbreak of the unprecedented COVID-19 virus

But irrespective of that, the few weeks spent with the trainees were really exciting and empowering; their eagerness to learn and practice what they had been taught was really inspiring. 

During the course of this program, we interacted with them and found out that just a few had a formal education, while others had basic education. Empowering these women does not only grant them the required skill in adire making, but it equips them with a means of livelihood that grants them an opportunity to work as an artisan for a textile company.

In our midst, we had some resilient women who were determined to acquire these skills. A Lot of them were nursing mothers who brought their kids along and we also had a pregnant lady with us. Women of different ages, tribes, and religions all under the same roof for the same purpose. 

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