Thinking about the African textiles, definitely, some designs comes into your mind like a dazzling rainbow of vibrant comes in green, blue, yellow, red and different gorgeous shades. Indeed, it’s an Adire textile clothing style that is produced by the Yoruba woman. This textile style also comes in the tradition of Southwestern Nigeria that distinguished with the help of African material, regal indigo color as well as its uniqueness is represented. The meaning of Adire shows its quality like tie and dye. With the help of different ways, it becomes easy to create a striking pattern that comes in blue, red and white shades.

It’s not a clothing design; it’s a distinctive identity of the ethnic group, so to look different or to represent group a unique pattern is made for same group, so it’s easy to detect the outsiders. Mostly, individuals are didn’t know this fact, because it comes in a hidden traditional secret.

Adire Origins in a Precise Form:

In the 11 century, the tradition of tie and dying resist was come in the culture. In the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria the Adire textile first emerges as the distinctive type of textile art. Later on, in the nineteen century, it becomes cotton weaving production that has different flows. Usually, white cloth comes with local woven for making some different patterns. After that, at the start of the twenty century, Yoruba woman gets an opportunity to transfer the Adire textile to Europe, and the pattern has no complexity because of emerged designs.

Instead of difficult procedure, natural substance and hand painting are also beneficial before dying. Some material like pebbles, feathers, and seeds are used to create the textile attracting and beautiful, However, stencils that generally made from tea metal lining, seems useful for a variety of distinctive and intricate effects in Adire textile.

Probably, it seems real that Adire textile brings more attraction in clothes, so it looks stylish and catches other eyes, whenever a person (whether it is male or female) choose to wear Adire art of clothing.

Flow & EBB of the Adire Textile Clothing

Between the era of 1920 or 1930, Adire clothing commerce reached at its peak level, after that a vast changed in styling and synthetic occur in the cloth textile styles.  In recent times, Adire textile style is used for bags, clothes, bed sheets, throws, and wall hanging.

People of West Africa are doing different kinds of dye and tie from thousands of years. Now with the help of varying style, Nigerian woman makes as a trendiest cloth. Indigo is the primary technique and also comes in the traditional textile, with the help of this; different styles and patterns are easily created.

 Hand-painted become the most extended process as well as taking time, but quickly develop the stencils for beautiful fabrics. Indeed, people from the early ’60s and 70’s preferred the Adire textile but now with time, today it becomes the most demanded clothing style. 

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