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The face when someone asks ‘Is Adire still in vogue?’ Huh… Is that even supposed to be a question. Many people think Adire is an old or vintage fashion theme synonymous with old women and ‘iyas’ probably because it’s an old clothing that goes as far back into the 1930s…

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The Love For Adire

If you are a fan of traditional or African attires with a touch of class, you will most likely love the Adire fabric.Adire fabrics are indigo-resist dyed cloths that were made by the Yoruba women in South-West parts of Nigeria.While Adire might not be the softest of fabrics, it has…

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Men and Adire

MEN AND ADIREMaybe it’s Father’s Day fever or not but this week on here, is fir the stylish men that have chosen the Adire coolness. Nigerian men are quickly falling in love with Adire even though it has been around for a while now.Yep, Nigerian guys in Nigeria and the…

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Know Your Adire History

If you’re here reading this, we would want to believe you are familiar with this textile but let’s have a little intro.Adire, is a Yoruba (a tribe in Southwestern Nigeria) word for tie and dye. It was first made by Yoruba women of old by using a variety of resist-dyeing…

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