Do you have a sewing machine that you could make use of? Want to keep your children busy at home this weekend? It’s the weekend and you have no activity lined up. There are some fun DIYs you can
Get in here, let’s do it the Adire way.

There are a hundred and one things you can easily make at home with your Adire fabric. You may need a few things to kick off  such as a sewing kit, your Adire fabric,  scissors, some zips or buttons.

Laptop bags and note covers are quite simple to make. You can add a zip or a flap that is sealed by velcro, a magnetic popper or a button.
Do you like this AdireLounge’s notepad? You should absolutely get one and try yours out.

AdireLounge’s notepad

Are you into sprucing up your bedroom but don’t want to re-paint or change wallpaper? A cool way to change the look of a bedroom is by changing the colours and patterns of your pillows, sheets and duvet covers! Don’t forget to leave enough seam allowance so that the cushions and quilt can fit easily inside.

AdireLounge’s pillow cover

If you wear aprons a lot in the kitchen, or when cleaning the house, why not treat yourself by making a brand new one. They are very easy and simple to make.
Also, a handmade oven glove or mitt can be made by adding some wadding (filling) inside and can help make cooking more fun and interesting if you use fabric with a fun and creative design such as pineapples for example. If you are running out of ideas of what item to make next then try this idea for your next project. You could make the tie yourself by using the same material or purchase some taping in a colour to match the colours in the main fabric.

AdireLounge’s apron

There are so many types of hair accessories that you can make with fabric. If you have some random leftover offcuts then why not make a new hair scrunchie, hair band or hair clip for you or a loved one.

You could also style your own unique headwrap for bad hair days. There are video demonstrations online to get some ideas of how to tie your headwrap easily at home.

AdireLounge’s hair scrunchie

Homemade gifts mean so much more than shop-bought items as they are more personal. Making gifts at home could save you money too while getting a more appreciated and personalised gift for your special ones.

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