Why do all hand-dyed fabrics look different?

I see every piece of fabric as an individual work of art.  Each piece of fabric is dyed separately and will vary in appearance.  However, I make every effort to maintain the integrity of the colors as shown in my samples.

Are your  hand-dyed fabrics colorfast?

Yes. We use chemicals to bind the dye to the fibers and to stop the dyeing reaction. Then we wash the fabrics with a special detergent that removes loose dyes .How ever, although every effort is made at the end of the dyeing process to thoroughly rinse the dyes out of each piece of fabric, there is no guarantee that hand-dyed fabric is colorfast.

Do you make Custom Prints?

Yes we make custom prints for designers, corporate organisations as gifts, branding.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

MOQ( Minimum Order Quantity) is from 5yards.

For more information kindly send us an email

Wholesale Prices:
Yes we do wholesales for Resellers, Events:
And the prices are;
50yards and above is 15% off
70yards and above 20% off
100yards and above is 25% off.



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