Men and Adire

Maybe it’s Father’s Day fever or not but this week on here, is fir the stylish men that have chosen the Adire coolness. Nigerian men are quickly falling in love with Adire even though it has been around for a while now.
Yep, Nigerian guys in Nigeria and the Naija guys in the abroad😌, who want to stay in touch with their cultures and pledge allegiance to African style.
It was mainly worn by the Yorubas and is one of the oldest African fabric that has been around for a while but guess what, guys from other tribes want in.
As you probably have noticed Adire style attires for men look really bright and cool, they give uniqueness to whatever outfit they choose. Have you ever heard of the Adire street style? It sounds funny right? Yes, but I think that is what men do to Adire. Throw on some Adire print shirt, cool pants and some loafers whew! They don’t even have to do too much.

Adire Lounge man sitting pretty or let’s say handsome

An AdireLounge man looking all shades of fine in his a Adire shirt

Adire Fashion styles can be seen on the runways all around the world, and also worn by top models.
It’s that street style that is smack dab in the middle of being casual and too-fancy-to-be-casual.
Feels like it was made for them.

Adire 2-piece spotted on the runway

And Adire shorts, oh em gee, they are a sight. The print is practically bursting with color, and the wearer has matched a wool shirt to go with the shorts.
More vivid and rich patterns as well as juicy indigo tones or other trendy colours plus complex elements of tailoring and decor; and you will get a festive version of the Adire print.

Adire Shorts

Right before we end this writeup, let’s part with reasons why Adire is more than fab for men.
1. Adire comes in numerous styles enabling the man to select from a varied range.
2. It is easy to get around and is widely accessible in Nigeria and beyond.
3. Generally speaking, Adire is relatively inexpensive. This makes it easier to afford.
We hope these pictures of our AdireLounge men will inspire you to try some of our prints.

Got something to say about the Adire styles for men? Let us know by dropping your comment in the comment section.

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