Just like every other business out there, the textile industry also faces several challenges and this is one of the reasons why the growth of the industry has been inhibited for a while in Nigeria. Usually, some of these challenges can be handled or managed effectively, but other times nothing can actually be done.

Some of these challenges are;

  • Cost: On a few occasions we get questions and remarks about the exorbitant price on some of our items and some assume because it’s locally made then it should be very affordable and accessible. But the reality of it all is that if the quality of the fabric isn’t great the end result won’t be as well. All our fabrics ranging from cotton, jersey, silk, chiffon, viscose, denim, are topnotch, which is why the dye and resist patterns come out looking rich and vibrant while the fabric still remains in perfect condition after going through numerous dyeing processes. 

  •  Prolonged delivery: Due to the fact that everything regarding the making of adire is handmade, the production process might seem slow because the process is time-consuming and usually manpower is limited.  Every stage of the design has to be meticulously done in order to avoid errors of any sort and so it could cause a delay in delivery. Another reason for the delay is the unpredictable climate conditions… rainy seasons aren’t favorable because we need to dry the textile after some dyeing sessions in order to conclude the masterpiece.

Over the years, we’ve had some challenges but we’ve also enjoyed a lovely ride, it’s been amazing and we’ve also come across great persons and bodies which are highlights to our journey.  

  • Empowerment program: one of the biggest highlights we’ve ever accomplished is the establishment of the empowerment program. This initiative enables women and youths in underdeveloped communities by enabling them with the required skill sets in adire making, which would enable them to earn a living and be able to fend for themselves and families.

  • Unique design: over time we have come up with significant designs that are specific to the Adire Lounge and so far they have been welcomed and acknowledged our most sold products, and we have received countless compliments on the creativity behind our designs and how elegant they look on the fabric.

  • International recognition: We also have digital marketing to be thankful for, because we have surpassed our expectations and gotten recognitions from several international brands which we have customized textiles for their various clothing lines. 

  • Accolades on the quality of our fabrics: on several occasions, we have gotten great reviews from clients on the great quality of our fabric, because they do not shrink, fade or run colors during laundry

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