Before anyone goes into any business, there is always that question of how lucrative the business is. The main objective of a small business is usually to make profit. What makes a business is profitable is the question of the product it is offering solving a problem or need. Every business is profitable when there is a demand for products it offers. The Textile industry creates new ways of commercial and cultural values as it earns profit from the creative skills, innovations and workforce while executing ideas in a commercially profitable way.

 Adire is a Yoruba word that means tie and dye, it is a form of textile art that originated in southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women, the process involves using a variety of dye resisting techniques on Fabrics. The Process of making Adire is not a complicated one, it is easy to learn. It has always been a lucrative business and it is still very much in high demand. Fashion designers have taken Adire to the next level, Adire production has also moved from cotton fabric to other non-conventional fabrics like Silk, chiffon etc. A lot can be done with Adire Fabrics even Interior designers have adopted using Adire for home decorations in items like throw pillows, murals, wall paintings etc. People are also looking to explore more locally made fabrics and Fashion designers are now looking to create exceptional designs with Adire. If you are looking to start an Adire business there are a few factors to consider;

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Starting an Adire business starts with acquiring the skill, the art of tie and dye is an easy one to learn. It is important for one to do an in-depth research about a particular line of business before they venture into a business. This would enable you to understand the process of Adire making, the mixing of the dyes, creating different patterns and motifs on Fabrics. You can take up a course in the field, At Adire Lounge, we offer an intensive training which would enable you acquire this skill in less than 30 days at a pocket friendly price. Getting relevant education in the line of business you are venturing into is key.

Have a well thought out plan for your Business; This would contain the operational and financial objective of your business and also a budget. A business plan is a road map to the success of your business. This is a very vital step in starting any business. Operating without a business plan is not usually a good idea. There are definitely more benefits to creating and sticking to a good business plan—including being able to think through ideas without putting too much money into them and, ultimately, losing in the end.

Identify your target market: Know your customers, know who you are looking to sell your product to. A target market is a set of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that your business hopes to serve. These individuals are mostly likely to purchase your product. This step also helps you to create an effective marketing plan.

Have a clear marketing plan for your business; Social media is a good place to market and advertise your product. Putting out your business on social media platforms like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google my business would give your products a wider reach.

Give your business a name; Your business name is one of the most important components of your operation. It helps create a first impression with potential customers and investors, so it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is the first point of contact between your customers and your business. It has to be stand out and be unique.

Adire lounge is an African hand-dyed textile company that creates unique designs on non-conventional fabrics like silk, chiffon, T-shirts, scarves, and cotton. We are passionate about empowering women and youths with the Adire skill thereby curbing unemployment and creating job opportunities for them, thereby preserving culture and traditions.

 Send us a mail at to get started on acquiring the Adire skill and starting up your own Adire business. We’ve had learners who started their own business after their training like Timi.

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