Sometimes people are skeptical about buying dyed fabrics because there is always that question of how to properly take care of the fabrics and the fear of the colors on the fabric running off while washing the fabric. On this blog post we would be discussing how to properly care for your Adire Fabric from the process of laundry to storing them. Indigo dye is a type of dye which is commonly used to make Adire Fabric, when Indigo absorbs UV rays (Sunlight) and is kept for long, without being worn it then it will form a yellowish tint. Though it is easy to remove the yellowish tint, it is better to avoid it. To remove the yellowish tint, all you have to do is wash the garment to remove the yellow tint

Here a few tips on how to take care of your Adire Fabric in three simple steps;

  • Sorting is the first process of laundry; it involves separating your Adire clothing from the other fabric you want this process is important so the Adire Clothing is washed separately so that it does not absorb the color bled from other fabrics.
  • Natural clothing dye takes effort and time to create. The fabric used to create by these dyes are a sheer reflection of nature. These natural ingredients and fabrics are delicate thus, it is washed with hand. Before washing a dyed fabric, you have to consider what type of fabric, cotton, silk or what it is and the suitable condition of washing it. Hand dyed Fabrics should be laundered with a mild soap in cold water. It is advised to avoid the soap and the fabric from coming in direct contact, create a soap nut by lathering the soap in water, then dip the cloth inside. While washing do not let it rest in the water for long; remove it quickly and rinsed in cold water. Avoid bleaching and using harsh detergents on the fabrics. After washing they should be dried under shade avoiding direct sun light this would help the dye stay intact on the Fabric and prevent it from fading. Direct sunlight changes the tint of the dye, thereby making it fade off.
  • Proper Storage of Adire Fabric is another important step for the caring for the Fabrics, after Laundry the fabrics can be stored in a Dark Wardrobe, keeping it away from direct sunlight. This will keep the appearance of your naturally dyed clothing as good as new. They can also be stored in a dark shade bag which would prevent light from penetrating through them.

Adire lounge is an African hand-dyed textile company that creates unique designs on non-conventional fabrics like silk, chiffon, T-shirts, scarves, and cotton. We are passionate about empowering women and youths with the Adire skill thereby curbing unemployment and creating job opportunities for them, thereby preserving culture and traditions.  We are your one stop shop for everything Adire! We deliver everywhere in Nigeria and all over the world. Our Physical store is located at Ikota shopping complex, Road 5, K117, Victoria Garden City, Lagos. You can also check us out on our website and follow us on various social media platforms @adirelounge to see what we have in our store and to place an order.

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