Unfortunately, there are still several misconceptions surrounding the adire fabric, even with the rising trend of adire in the fashion industry. I spoke with a good number of individuals and asked them about their first impressions concerning the adire fabric, a good number of them acknowledge the fact that they were aware of the fact that adire fashion is getting more exciting and modernized, and that a lot of people are beginning to embrace it; while a few others stated that they strictly know Adire as an attire made and worn by the Yoruba people in the western region of Nigeria, and majority only knew the tie and dye design.

  Some of these misconceptions about adire are; 

  • Old school: The idea or misconception that adire fabric/ fashion is old school is false because recently we have seen top-fashion designers use the adire fabric on runway shows and also on display for their individual brands. Recently Louis Vuitton released a new collection and it was an adire inspired look, I think it’s high time we start appreciating and promoting our homemade designs that showcase our rich cultural heritage. 

  • Works only on cotton fabric: Another wrong misconception that most individuals have about adire is that the only fabric that accepts dye effectively is the cotton fabric; Adire Lounge is known for using diverse fabrics and has successfully achieved excellent results afterward. Fabrics used include; Cotton, Satin, Chiffon, Silk, Viscose, and Denim.
  • Runs Color: This is a fact that occurs with some adire, but this reason for this is because of the poor quality dye used, but at the adire lounge, we have found a medium to ensure that our fabrics do not run color/fade, We use natural dyes from plants and so far, it’s been positive results so far. Also, we frequently enlighten our customers on the preventive measures to take during laundry and how to take proper care of their adire fabrics.
  • Extravagant: I received some similar questions from most of the individuals I spoke to, and some of them asked why the price seemed more expensive than they envisaged because they expect the materials used should be affordable and can be found within our local environment. Our prices vary and we also have ready to wear clothing and fabrics that are very affordable, but irrespective of that we have some fancy fabrics in stock and this is so because, we have contemporary fabrics and they are all 100%, also we make use of natural dyes which do not run/wash and we also have bespoke designs which are unique and peculiar to the Adire Lounge

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