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Adirelounge trains and empower rural women and vulnerable youth by training them in the art of Adire hand dyed textile making, curb unemployment and preserve our Nigerian textile heritage. We also ensure we make use of cotton fabric, gotten from cotton farmers in our country Nigeria, and plant and natural based dyes that are non-toxic, biodegradable, use less-water.

Adirelounge has impacted close to 500 women and youths directly and indirectly this year, training them and giving them access to finance and mentorship.

According to the Business for Social Responsibility, “Investments in women have a multiplier effect, as women are more likely to reinvest in education, health, and economic activities at the community level.”

About 70% of women in my community are of low social and economic status. These are rural women, widows and people living in hard to reach areas, and below the poverty line. I believe the most effective way for women to achieve prosperity is to gain economic independence through sustainable employment. Empowering women through income generation and continuing education, enhances both their self-esteem and their ability to participate in decisions that affect them within the home and community. Women are able to send their children to school, provide nutritious meals for their families and seek healthcare when needed. Each of these women will spend this money in the larger community on food, education and healthcare which will cause a ripple effect and a larger impact. We are currently giving them capacity building activities to aid them have financial freedom.

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