Achieving some designs can seem really tasking and difficult, but with joint efforts and skills, nothing seems impossible. Recently we produced a custom made design, using the batik method to achieve ‘Pepsi Logo’.

Materials used:

  1. Cotton white fabric
  2. Latex glove
  3. Scissor 
  4. Pencil Stencil
  5. Batik Stamp (Pepsi logo on it)
  6. Fabric dyes 
  7. Wax
  8. Water
  9. Plastic bowl/bucket
  10. Face mask.
  11. Stove
  12. Pot


  • Step 1: Clear out your work space and ensure that all the needed materials are readily available and at reach.
  • Step 2: Using the batik stamp, dip it into a pot of melted wax and place properly on the plain white fabric. The wax serves as a resist.
  • Step 3: After covering all necessary corners of the fabric, proceed to dye the semi circle with red color. To do so, mix your dye properly and apportion it into smaller cups, spread out your fabric on the floor and using your pencil stencil, dip into the cup and cover the semi -circle with red color.

PS: This work tends to be extremely tedious and time consuming, so it requires team effort.

  • Step 4: Proceed to cover the dyed part of the semi circle with wax, the reason for this is because, you wouldn’t want the next dye color (blue) to affect the red color and ruin your work.
  • Step 5: After covering all the necessary parts with wax, go ahead and dye in blue color.
  • Step 6: Rinse 2-3 times after dyeing and proceed to de-wax. Click the link below, to read the appropriate steps to take while de-waxing adire fabrics.

Click the link beneath to watch a visual clip showing all the techniques and procedures.

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