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Hand dyed Fabrics Made in Nigeria

Black, Pink, and Yellow Splash Adire Viscose Fabric


Wax resist technique
• Black, Pink, and Yellow Splash Adire Viscose .
• 4yards (4.5metres) bundle
• Width 57inches (1.21metres)
• Hand dyed in Nigeria

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This fabric is treated in “adire” a hand dyeing process
Fabrics are white prior to dyeing.
Due to the nature of the process (hand dyeing) each product varies in uniqueness and individuality giving them a one of a kind feel.
Do not bleach.

Àdìrẹ, pronounced “Ah-De-Reh” is the process used to describe a fabric that has been manipulated by a resist technique of applying wax, paste, or has been stitched, tied or folded, before submerging into dye.

We use the wax resist method, more commonly known as “”.

Yardage: all fabrics are Hand designed and dyed in Nigeria on 100% cotton chiffon, making them durable and breathable for clothing . Each unit is sold in 4 yards.

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