Adire, as a lot of us know, is a traditional African fabric that entails several techniques to achieve its final look. Adire production is mainly practiced by Yoruba women in the southwestern region of Nigeria using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques. After the final process, it is usually tailored into an outfit and worn for diverse occasions. Adire is more than just a fashion tool, it has been used as a medium for women to stand up to their oppressors, and it is also an avenue to improve the aesthetic setting of a room/space.


Adire; A medium of aesthetic expression.

Adire textile is becoming more prominent and recognized across the globe, because of its uniqueness and versatility.  The ability to imprint any desired pattern in diverse colors and on various kinds of fabrics is really exciting, and this is why it is being used in the production of so many other items.

  • Throw pillow cover

Having a variety of different pillow covers is essential not strictly for aesthetic purposes but also for health benefits. Pillow covers do usually have a build-up of oils, dirt, and they can harbor bacteria when they are used for a long period of time. So it is advisable to have a good number of them at hand, luckily for you, The Adire lounge has a wide variety of throw pillows and covers that are available in several colors and designs.

  • Furniture making

Another exciting thing we can do with adire fabric is by infusing it into our furniture, it’s contemporary design portrays our rich culture and gives our living space an amazing look.

  • Curtains & drape

Usually, when we plan on doing some in house decor for our living space, we do have specific ideas down to the exact details on what exactly we want, but its unavailability makes us settle. When it comes to your preferences in selecting a specific color/design for your curtain and drapes, you shouldn’t settle, because we can make it happen.


Several other items can be made using the adire technique or fabric such as; Table cloth, Napkins, Pocket square, Aprons, Napkins, Socks, Tote Bags, Face Masks, etc

Table Cloth

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