The Love For Adire

If you are a fan of traditional or African attires with a touch of class, you will most likely love the Adire fabric.
Adire fabrics are indigo-resist dyed cloths that were made by the Yoruba women in South-West parts of Nigeria.
While Adire might not be the softest of fabrics, it has been loved for its silkiness. Even at the fact that it is lightweight, it keeps the wearer relatively warm and cozy. If taken care of properly, top quality like our AdireLounge prints can last for a long while without loosing their appeal.

Adire fabrics in recent times have evolved from just wrappers and native dressing to different styles. You can practically do anything with your Adire fabric and prints ranging from Bags, Mugs, Laptop Covers to PillowCases.
I mean what’s there not to love about this class of a fabric.

  1. It is a cozy fabric that makes you warm when worn: Adire fabrics have this feel with a warmth that is triggering. While this might not be very felt in this part of the world, Adire fabrics keep you warm without necessarily feeling the heat, it’s just cozy. Apart from the great prints, it is safe to say this is one of the reasons this fabric is gaining ground outside Nigeria, and even Africa, most especially in places like the United States and the United Kingdom.
  2. They are not heavy. You really do not want to compare the weight of a lace material to an Adire. If that’s going to far, try and compare the weight of an Ankara fabric to an Adire and see the unbeatable goodness.When it comes to heaviness, there’s really nothing or little to complain about with Adire, irrespective of the style you are looking to make with it.
  3. No beef with other fabrics: Bouhahaha! When we say Adire has no beef with other fabrics, it’s the absolute truth because what other fabric can you not mix with it? We never see. Is it jean material? Lace? Cashmere? Silk?
    As long as the prints are not contradicting, depending on what you want to do with it, you’re always good to go with Adire.
  4. Adire’s versatility is never to be questioned:
    You can make literally anything with your Adire. If you’ve never seen an Adire seat cover before, you must have seen Adire throw pillows on some TV show but that’s not even all. There’s Adire bedsheets, bow ties, mugs, slippers, shoes, teddy bears, laptop covers, table mats and anything textile-made you can think of.
    We, at AdireLounge really took this versatility seriously, I mean, look at all of that awesome prints on a mug, even a book. It’s the creativity for us😃
The AdireLounge Eyo Print on a mug

Adire is fast gaining ground because of all these unique characteristics and more. Suitable for all body types, young and old. Everyone deserves an Adire item in their collection.

AdireLounge Purple and White print Notepad

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