Adire goes as far back as the 19th century, this craft was formerly known to be a family business. Individuals who were not from a certain family were not allowed to partake in adire production as it was a family’s heritage. History has it that Adire was first made in Egba land (Abeokuta Nigeria) by Chief Mrs. Miniya Jojolola Soetan. She was the second Iyalode (Head of Women) of Egba land, who later-on passed the craft down to her children and descendants of her family. 

Though this craft started up as a family business and the procedures in achieving Adire were not made public, the reverse is the case now. Individuals of different tribes and races have learned and practiced this craft, and a whole lot are earning a living from it as well. 

Artisan sketching a free-hand design using wax resist.


  • Source of income: In a developing country like Nigeria, the primary essence of working is to earn income which would improve the standard of living for an individual. Adire making is a great medium to earn an income, not strictly because of its high demand which is a big advantage, but because it does not necessarily require huge capital to start-up, a reasonable amount of money is suitable, since most of its materials can be locally sourced.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage: Practising adire craft helps in ensuring it doesn’t go extinct, it also helps in the promotion of our cultural heritage across the globe. The younger generations should also be in the loop and enlightened on not only the techniques but also its history, the symbolic meanings of certain patterns, and how adire was used as a medium of expression.
  • Build a brand: Over the years, we’ve seen or heard about individuals who set-up a successful ensemble and created various textile designs for their company and other reputable brands and fashion designers. One of these textile designers is Cynthia Asije. Cynthia is the Creative Director of Adire Lounge Textile Company, and she has been in the textile industry for five (5) years, in such period of time, she has been able to stand tall by creating contemporary designs on unconventional fabrics, which has broadened the hemisphere and opened doors of recognition. 
  • Empowerment scheme: Acquiring the skill and empowering others is also a great means to ensure individuals are financially independent and it helps curb the high rate of unemployment amongst youths. 

Adire Lounge presents an opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning this craft and establishing a career out of it for themself. Registration for online training is ongoing and this training comes with exciting bonuses and a starter kit with materials to commence the training.

To register and learn the trade secrets in Adire making, click the link beneath.

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