Where to buy adire fabrics in Lagos.

Fashionable clothing does not only rely on the style and cut. Fabrics are of great importance too because it ensures comfort, fit, flexibility and match. Purchasing and using quality fabric makes the cloth durable and well to do. Most people enjoy fabric shopping a lot and for them there is no better feeling for them than walking into the wondrous world of fabric shopping! From the colors, to the prints, the texture of various fabrics.

Adire fabric

Nigerians are fashionable people who take advantage of events and celebrations to buy and showcase different fabrics. The weekends in Lagos are usually known for owambe where there is usually a colorful display of different fabrics in different styles. Back then it was said that most fashion designers attend these parties in Lagos just come note down different styles so they can recreate later for their customers. Fabric shopping in Lagos can be very stressful, looking for a particular fabric involves visiting different markets and stores. There are prominent fabric markets in Lagos like Balogun, Oshodi, Aswani, Tejuosho, Katangua etc. Shopping for Fabrics at these markets requires tons of energy and time, one has to always be at alert throughout the shopping period. For a first timer it is advised you go with someone who is already familiar with the market.

Aswani Market is known for its long years of attending to consumers’ needs in terms of clothing, fabric and accessories. It is located in Isolo, Lagos state. Tuesdays are special days at the market and they are usually varieties to choose from at fair prices. Balogun market located in Lagos Island is the hub of the textile and fabric market in Lagos. This is the perfect market when you are looking to shop for imported Ankara, lace, Brocade, Chiffon, silk etc. There are usually varieties of these fabrics to choose from at affordable prices.

Balogun market, Lagos Island (Source: google)

Adire textile is an indigo-dyed cloth made using a variety of dye resisting techniques. Adire is a Yoruba word that translates to “tie and dye”. Adire could be produced in various forms like the Adire Eleko where the fabric Resist dyeing with cassava paste painted onto the fabric. The Adire Alabere where raffia is stitched onto the fabric in a pattern prior to dyeing. Recently adire is not just used to making clothing, Adire can be used to make  accessories and other products like book covers, throw pillows, sofas and other everyday household items.

The Adire Lounge shopping bag

There is a lot you can do with Adire, although you can’t really find certain prints of Adire easily in these markets mentioned above but we’ve got you covered at Adire Lounge, we are your one stop shop for everything Adire. Adirelounge is a hand dyed Textile Company that creates unique designs on non-conventional fabrics like chiffon, t-shirts, scarves and silk. We also train rural women, widows, vulnerable and out of school youth in this Adire skill. Thereby preserving culture and traditions, rich heritage and the textile making skills of Nigeria.

Adire Lounge fabric store.

At Adire Lounge we are also open to collaborations with brands (Fashion designers, Interior decorators, etc.) who are looking to do more with the adire fabric. We work with them to create unique prints on gorgeous fabrics. It’s exciting to see the garment come to life. We understand brands want their own custom fabrics and peculiar designs so we came up with this- Customize your fabric for your fashion brand for as low as N5,999. (T&C applies). We’ve also got a 5% discount on selected fabrics for our first-time customers. Our store is located at Ikota shopping complex, Road 5, K117, Victoria Garden City, Lagos. You can also check us out on our website www.adirelounge.com and follow us ion various social media platforms @adirelounge to see what we have in our store and to place an order.

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