Creating Susutainable Textile Products from Waste

Adirelounge is creating sustainable Textiles to combat Environmental Pollution

Our sustainable process

Textiles from Banana Fibre

The process of making our textiles out of the carefully selected banana stems and peels involves several steps such as extracting fibers from the stems and peels, preparing the fibers, spinning the fibers into yarn, and weaving or knitting the yarn into fabric. All these are done with our advanced processing algorithm used with by tech team to produce the sustainable fabrics for Fashion and home textile end products.

Divided into Groups

Once dry, the fibers are separated into quality based groups with “A”being the best

Bunching and Drying

The fibers are bunched together and dried with the inner and outer fibers commonly kept together.

Spinning and weaving

The separated fibers are then spurn into yarn, the yarn is
treated and dried and it is woven into products.

Textile Products

Sustainable Textile products are then created from the separated fibers which were spurn into yarn.

Our Textile

Banana Fabrics are just Better

They are light weight, fire resistance quality, High strength, smaller elongation,
Biodegradable and good moisture absorption quality.


Sustainable Textiles and Fashion Products


Creating sustainable Fabric


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Trained over 6000 women.

Sustainable textile products from AdireLounge are the best because we prioritize ethical sourcing, eco-friendly production, and high-quality craftsmanship. Our banana fiber textiles are biodegradable, renewable, and durable, making them an excellent choice for conscious consumers who care about the environment. With our unique designs and commitment to social responsibility, AdireLounge offers sustainable fashion products that are both stylish and meaningful

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