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Our community is made up of women and youth who produce beautiful products using traditional methods, our employees who manage production, ensuring high quality and delivering personal customer service. Our customers, donors who make everything we do possible by purchasing our products and support the expansion of our programs leading to more jobs

The Adirelounge Textile Company has a mission of creating prosperity for African women, youths and their families.
They achieve prosperity by creating unique, hand crafted products of the highest quality


cynthia asije

Inspired by African


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Happy Clients

Words cannot describe the beauty of these fabrics and design. I’m speechless.



I totally love all my fabrics. I appreciate that you listened when I said no starch, thanks for that.



I wore my adirelounge socks, and i must say, it is more than just ‘socks’. I love it plenty and I’m buying some more for sure.



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